Diverse Fluid Handling Components and Measurement Solutions

Camlock Fittings, Fuel Transfer Pumps, DEF Pumps and Flow Meters!

Pro Flow Dynamics, LLC offers high quality camlock fittings, fuel transfer pumps, DEF pumps, flow meters and much more for all your custom fluid handling needs. Whether you need a diesel pump, flow meter, fuel nozzle, or a fuel management system, we are here to help you customize your fluid handling application. We are a supplier of leading fluid handling components, offering diverse fluid handling and measurement solutions.

Product Categories

Camlock Fittings & Couplings

High quality Camlock Fittings, Dry Link disconnect couplings and Home Brew fittings can be found here.

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Fuel Transfer Pump Equipment

Our Fuel Management products are designed and manufactured to meet the demand for compact and efficient fuel dispensing.

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DEF Pumps & Equipment

We offer a full range of Diesel Exhaust Fluid handling and transfer products.

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Industrial Flow Meters

Wide selection of flow meters and control devices to cover every fluid handling application.

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