3 Piece Ball Valves

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3 Piece SS Ball Valves
3 Piece SS Ball Valves are the obvious choice where cleaning is important. The ball can be removed and serviced while the threaded ends of the valve remain attached to the pipe. • 1000 PSI (WOG) • Full Port • Stainless Steel 316
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BV025-SS-3 1/4" 3-Piece Ball Valve
BV0375-SS-3 3/8" 3-Piece Ball Valve
BV050-SS-3-304 1/2" 3-Piece Ball Valve
BV050-SS-3 1/2" 3-Piece Ball Valve
BV075-SS-3 3/4" 3-Piece Ball Valve
BV100-SS-3 1" 3-Piece Ball Valve
BV125-SS-3 1 1/4" 3-Piece Ball Valve
BV150-SS-3 1-1/2” 2-Piece Ball Valve
BV200-SS-3 2" 3-Piece Ball Valve
BV250-SS-3 2 1/2" 3-Piece Ball Valve
BV300-SS-3 3" 3-Piece Ball Valve
BV400-SS-3 4" 3-Piece Ball Valve

Three Piece Ball Valves are designed so that they can be completely disassembled for cleaning and can be reoriented in increments of 90 degrees of rotation for easy access on any pipe. The main advantage of a 3 piece valve is its ability to be easily taken apart for cleaning. In fact the valve can remain threaded into the pipe and the center portion can be removed and service, without having to remove the entire valve from the application

Material components of a 3 Piece Ball Valve

All wetted parts are stainless steel 316 and PTFE seats and seals.

 Three Piece Ball Valve General Dimentions

The body is divided into 3 parts. The center portion contains the ball valve and it is flanked by two sections that each house the thread.

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