Type AA Spool Adapter Cam and Groove

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Camlock Spool Adapters
  • Aluminum Double Male Camlock
  • Type AA Male Adapter by Male Adapter
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    Product Name Size Price Qty
    SA200-AL 2" Male Camlock x 2" Male Camlock
    SA300-AL 3" Male Camlock x 3" Male Camlock
    SA400-AL 4" Male Camlock x 4" Male Camlock
    • A Camlock Spool Adapter is essentially a Male Adapter by Male Adapter.
    • Also commonly referred to as a Cam & Groove Spool Adapter, a SA Spool Adapter and a Double Male Camlock.
    • It allows for easy installation of a Female Camlock Coupler to each end.
    • Used whenever two Female Couplers need to be connected.
    • These aremade out of Aluminum and are stocked in various sizes.
    • For Stainless Steel Versions Click Here.
    • It can also be made by screwing a type A and a Type F Adapter together.
    • (However this will be a two piece version as opposed to one piece)
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