Mark II Beer Pump

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  • MK II High Temperature Magnetic Drive Pump
  • Stainless Steel Head
  • 110V/60HZ
  • 3.4 meter max head
  • 5 GPM (19L max flow)
  • Max temperature 248 F/ 120 C
  • Water resistant casing
  • 25 Watt Wort Pump
  • 1/2 inch fittings


  • The MK 11 Magnetic Drive Pump is constructed using food-grade materials and handles boiling wort with ease.
  • The magnetic drive functions like a clutch allowing one to slow the flow rate down by putting back pressure on the pump.
  • Since it is centrifugal, it's not self priming, you must put the pump under the level of the liquid source.
  • This magnetic driven pump allows you to brew with confidence knowing that no contamination will occur from lubricated bearing potentially coming into contact with your liquid (beer).
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