3 Way Ball Valves

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Stainless Steel Ball Valves - 3 Way

Stainless steel 3 Way Ball Valve (L-Port and T-Port)

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BV050-SS-3W 1/2" 3-Way Ball Valve T-Port
BV050-SS-3W-L 1/2" 3-Way Ball Valve L-Port
BV075-SS-3W 3/4" 3 Way Ball Valve with T-Port
BV075-SS-3W-L 3/4" 3-Way Ball Valve L-Port
BV100-SS-3W 1" 3-Way Ball Valve T-Port
BV100-SS-3W-L 1" 3-Way Ball Valve L-Port
BV200-SS-3W 2" 3-Way Ball Valve T-Port
BV200-SS-3W-L 2" 3-Way Ball Valve L-Port
  • 3 way Stainless Steel Ball Valves have 3 ports and come in two Styles "L-Port" and "T-Port", depending on how the Ball is drilled. 3 way ball valves are used to are used to divert flow. They can be used to divert flow from a single "inlet" to either of the other two "outlet" ports. Alternatively they can select an input from a single "outlet" port from one of the other two supply "inlet" ports.
  • 1000 PSI (WOG)
  • Full Port
  • Stainless Steel 316.


    • The "L-Port" allows for flow to occur between two ports in an L-shaped formation.
    • The "T-Port" allows for flow to occur between any two ports as well as all three ports simultaneously.


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