Tri-Clamp ButterFly Valve

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Tri-Clamp ButterFly Valve
Tri-Clover ButterFly Valves are the premier Sanitary Valves. They are ideal to be Cleaned in Place (CIP) and are the the first choice in the Food and Beverage markets, for Dairy and in Brewing. 13-Position Squeeze Trigger.
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BV100-TC-BF 1" Tri-Clamp Butterfly Valve
BV150-TC-BF 1.5" Tri-Clamp Butterfly Valve
BV150-TC-BF-SS 1.5" Tri-Clamp Butterfly Valve Stainless Steel Handle
BV200-TC-BF 2" Tri-Clamp Butterfly Valve
BV200-TC-BF-SS 2" Tri-Clamp Butterfly Valve Stainless Steel Handle
BV300-TC-BF-SS 3" Tri-Clamp Butterfly Valve Stainless Steel Handle
BV400-TC-BF-SS 4" Tri-Clamp Butterfly Valve Stainless Steel Handle
    • The Tri-Clamp Butterfly Valve has a Squeeze-trigger lock and can be locked in 13 different positions. The handle is squeezed to rotate the valve gate and can be rotated 180° so it can be closed on either side.
    • These Stainless Steel Sanitary Valves can be cleaned in place (CIP), since there are no cavities to trap dirty particles. This makes them the best choice for food grade applications.
    • Butterfly Valves are more compact and lighter in weight than TC Ball Valves, making them quick and easy to install. These Squeeze Trigger Valves are generally used more as an "ON-OFF" type of function, while Tri-Clamp Ball Valves are more suited to control flow rates. This is why Butterfly Valves are widely used on fermenters and vessel outlets for Brewing applications.
    • Manufactured from long lasting 304 stainless steel. (316 available for special order)


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