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Customer Service

  • Shipping & Delivery

    Orders placed through our website will ship out as soon as possible. If you select UPS for the shipping method we must receive the order before 3pm PST in order to insure shipment that same day. If you select USPS for the shipping method we must receive the order before 12pm PST.

  • Privacy & Security

    The Seller reserves and the Buyer hereby grants a purchase money security interest in the Product, all additions, accessions and replacements thereto, products and proceeds to secure payment by the Buyer. The security interest is retained by the Seller until the Buyer has paid in full for the Product pursuant to Paragraph 4. The Seller may file, at the Buyer’s expense, financing statements pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code to perfect or evidence the Seller’s security interest. All transactions through our website are upheld to the highest security standards.

  • Returns & Replacements

    The Products may not be returned to Seller without first obtaining Seller’s consent. The request for return and credit must be filed with Seller and shall include purchase order number, approximate date shipped and any and all other identifying numbers (such as invoice number, date of invoice, P.O. numbers, etc.) Each request for return of Products for credit should state the type and quantity of goods, the part numbers and the reasons for the return. If return authorization is granted, Products shall be returned in a clean, well-packaged condition within fifteen (15) days from the date return authorization is granted by Seller. If the products are not returned within fifteen (15) days from the date authorization is granted by Seller, the products shall be deemed irrevocably accepted by Buyer and Buyer shall be responsible for payment as provided.

  • Ordering

    Purchasing can be done either through our website, over the phone or if you are local in person as well!

  • Payment, Pricing & Promotions

    All forms of payment are welcome through our website such as Visa, AMEX, Discover, MasterCard and PayPal. If there is some form of payment method not shown on our website that you would like us to add, we can look into that for you. Pricing is revised on an annual basis. Prices quoted or shown are valid up to 90 days. Often we have promotional codes available for ordering. Please feel free to ask us if we have any promotions going at any certain time in order to redeem a promotional code.

  • Viewing Orders

    Orders can be viewed through our website, however you must have your account information readily available.

  • Updating Account Information

    In order to update your account information you must have your username and password available. You can change your account settings, reset passwords and manage payment methods all with a few clicks.