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Camlock Fittings

Camlock Fittings are also known as Cam and Groove Fittings or Camlock Couplings. Included material types are aluminum, stainless steel, brass and polypropylene Camlock Hose Fittings. Used in many different industries and applications, Cam Lock Hose Connectors which include the term Cam Lock Quick Connect, are very useful when connecting or disconnecting pipe, tubing or hose. In addition to the standard Hose Cam Lock Coupling, we offer special types of reducing Cam Lock Pipe Fittings and Spool Adapters as well as KC nipples and stainless steel ball valves. When selecting the proper Cam and Groove Couplings, it is important to be mindful of the chemical compatibility of the process fluid and process temperature. Our Camlock Hose connectors are made according to the Mill Spec which ensure the proper mating of the Male Adapter and Female Cam Coupling. Purchase online below or send an Inquiry, we are here to help with your Hose Cam Lock Fittings application! (*Cam and Groove Couplings are not to be used on compressed air or steam.)

What is a Camlock Coupling?

It is the best priced of all the quick disconnect coupling options available. The connection consists of two parts that are used to connect pipes, tubes and hose.

How a Cam and Groove Fitting works

The connection consists of a male adaptor and a female coupler, that when coupled forms a fixed Joint connecting pipe or hose together. They are quick and easy to use and require no tools to operate.

  • The male cam adapter fits into the female coupler (With arms).
  • Once inside, the cam coupler handles can be closed simultaneously.

The quick disconnect couplings will remain joined together until both the handles are pulled upwards releasing the connection. Safety pins are provided to keep handles locked in place, they are not needed for most applications.

There is a recessed gasket already in place in the female coupler, which forms an air tight seal when connected with the male cam fitting connection.

Camlock Materials

  • Aluminum (AL)
  • Stainless Steel (SS)
  • Brass (BR)
  • Polypropylene (PP)

Cam & Groove Gasket Material

All Metal cam lever couplings come standard with Buna Nitrile. Poly Camlocks come with EPDM gaskets for greater acidic resistance.

  • Buna Nitrile (Buna N)
  • EPDM
  • Viton
  • Teflon (PTFE) available for special order.


Sizes ½” up to 6” are available for Aluminum, Brass and Stainless Steel. Polypropylene is supplied in sizes ½” up to 4”. All ½” kamlock fittings come standard with 2 handles for better performance.

Operating Pressure

Standard cam lever couplers operating pressure is specified at 150 psi for most sizes. Please see specifications page for detailed pressure rating for each size.


National Pipe Threads (NPT) designed to seal tight when threaded on to pipe. Hose barbs ends available for direct fit into hose.

The different types of Cam lock fittings (Standard Types)

  • Type A - male adaptor with Female NPT thread
  • Type B - female cam coupler with Male NPT thread
  • Type C - female cam coupling with hose barb end
  • Type D - female cam coupler with Female NPT Thread
  • Type E - cam adaptor with hose barb end
  • Type F - camlock adaptor with Male NPT Thread
  • Type DC - Dust caps for male adaptors
  • Type DP - Dust Plugs for female couplers

Special Types

  • Self-Locking Handles (In stock)
  • No-thread Butt Weld and Socket Weld (can manufacture or get from local supplier)
  • Flanged ends (can manufacture or get from local supplier)
  • Customized fittings, please call for special orders

Spare parts

We carry a full line of replacement Gaskets and handle, ring and pin assemblies for all sizes.

Cam Lock Quick Disconnect Applications

Used on pipes, hose, tubing, pumps and tanks carrying liquids and powders. Used in almost all industries where liquids and powders are transported, including fuel and oil, water, chemical, paints and dyes, food & beverage, adhesives, pharmaceutical, cleaning, construction, mining, agriculture as well as military and government installations and bids among others.

How to Specify and order Camlock Fittings

Providing the information below will facilitate quick ordering. Place order by part number.

Pro Flow PartSize (inch)Coupling Body MaterialHandle MaterialGasket Material
A: Male Adapter050: 1/2"AL: AluminumBR: BrassBN: Buna
B: Female Coupler075: 3/4"
C: Hosetail Coupler100: 1"BR: BrassE: EPDM
D: Female Coupler125: 1 1/4"
E: Hosetail Adapter150: 1 1/2"SS: Stainless Steel, Type 316SS: Stainless Steel, Type 304
F: Male Adapter200: 2"V: Viton
DC: Duct Cover400: 4"
DP: Dust Plug500: 5"PP: Polypropylene
AW: BW or SW Adapter600: 6"

Determine the type of kamlock coupling from part number:
For example: D200-SS = Female coupler - 2” size – Stainless Steel Body

About Proflow Camlock Hose Fittings

Cam and groove couplings are the world’s most widespread quick connect coupler and our major product line. Pro Flow Dynamics is based in Southern California and has been supplying these fittings nationwide for over a decade since the company was established.

All our cam lock hose connectors are manufactured to the Approved Federal Standards (A-A59326/MIL-C-27487) making them compatible with all other cam couplings also made to spec., including PT Coupling and Dixon Coupling. We work closely with our manufacturers, who are ISO 9001 certified, and we can make custom parts and special orders.

Our Product Range

We supply a full range of cam lock couplings the most which we stock in our warehouse. Special parts can be made to order and specialty parts as well as extra-large sizes (8”-12”) can be sourced from local suppliers for quicker delivery. We aim to ship the same day as the order is placed.

  • Generic (Standard)
  • Premium Snaplock (Available for special order, a lead time is involved)
  • Self-Locking handles

All our couplings are interchangeable with Dixon Camlock Fittings, Banjo Cams and PT Coupling Cam and Groove fittings.

Cam lock couplings USA and worldwide

Pro Flow Dynamics is a nationwide distributor situated in Southern California. We also ship to Canada and Mexico. We routinely ship to international companies who have shippers in the US, and we do have the ability to ship worldwide direct for larger orders. Please email us for more information on shipping options at

We ship largely from stock and for the most part ship the same day as order is placed. Please call us to place your order: 951-279-5500.

If you can’t find the cam fittings you are looking for, please give us a call.

We can source special fittings and custom made parts.