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Stainless Steel Ball Valves

Stainless Steel Ball Valves were added to our product line to complement our Camlock Couplings. They are a standard product all made to a similar size and specification, used in industrial applications as well as for more general utility purposes wherever flow needs to be controlled. These include the chemical and petrochemical, the food and beverage, as well as the Water, Oil and Gas (WOG) industries. Our Stainless Ball Valves are manufactured in High Grade Stainless Steel 316 (SS304 Available in the 2 piece and also upon request). Also referred to as an SS Ball Valve or a Ball Valve Stainless Steel. Ball Valve Suppliers please call for discounted pricing.

  • Threaded Ball Valve (FNPT Threads)
  • Blow out Proof Handle Stem 
  • Handle with Locking Lever
  • PTFE Seals and Seats

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1 Piece Ball Valves

• Ball Valve Body is One Piece
• Robust, Durable and the most cost effective alternative
• Standard Port Threaded Ball Valve
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2 Piece Ball Valves

• Ball Valve Body is Two Piece
• Most popular style, available in light and heavy versions
• Full Port Threaded Ball Valve View Now

3 Piece Ball Valves

• Ball Valve Body is Three Piece
• Designed to be taken apart for easy cleaning
• Full Port Threaded Ball Valve View Now

How to Size a threaded Ball Valve:

The size of the pipe that the valve will thread into determines the size of the Valve. So a 1” Ball Valve will thread into a 1” Pipe.

What is a Ball Valve used for?

Whenever flow needs to be controlled and a simple on flow or off flow is required. By partially closing the valve flow rate can also be regulate.  SS Ball valves are used if flow needs to be shut off. This allows pipes or hoses to be disconnected without any spillage.

How does a ball valve work?

A hallow bored out pivoting ball is turned with a handle thus controlling the flow through it.  When the handle is running parallel to the valve, flow is open, and when the handle it at right angles to the pipe, flow is closed.

One Piece Ball Valve vs Two Piece Ball Valve vs Three Piece Ball valve

The 2 piece is the most commonly used valve and it has one body joint making it a two piece design, as opposed to the 1 piece valves. The two piece body also allows this valve to be manufactured with a larger ball making this a full bore valve as opposed to the 1 piece which is a reduced bore.

The 3 piece, having 3 body sections, can be taken apart the quickest and with the most ease. By loosening the body bolts the valve divides into 3 sections leaving the threaded portions still connected to the pipe, allowing you to remove the center portion containing the ball for easy servicing and cleaning. The obvious advantage here is that you do not have to remove the whole valve from the application for cleaning; you can just take the center portion leaving the other two sections still threaded to your system.

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