Stainless Steel Ball Valve - Technical Specifications



  1. One Piece Ball Valves

  2. Two Piece Ball Valves

  3. Three Piece Ball Valves

  4. Three Way Ball Valves

  5. 2000 PSI Ball Valves


  • Features:

  • ● Suitable Mediums: Water, Oil and Gas type substances. (WOG)
  • ● Seats & SealsTeflon (PTFE)
  • ● Threads: Female NPT (Female National Pipe Thread)
  • ● Full Port: Full Bore Valve (ID remains the same as the pipe)
  • ● Handle: Blow-Out Proof
  • ● Handle Locking Mechanism: handle equiped with locking device (Re-movable)


  • Performance Specifications:
  • ● Pressure Rating: 1000 PSI (6.4MPa) Making them suitable for most applications.
  • ●Temperature: -13⁰F to 302⁰F (-25°C to 150°C)
  • ● Shell Test: 9.6MPa
  • ● Seat Test: 0.6MPa






  • Design Data:

  • ● Casting: Investment Casting AD2000-WO
  • ● Dimension standards: DIN3202/4-M3, din2999/259, ISO228-1,ISO7-1, ASME B1.20.1,BS21
  • ● CE Approval: DN32~DN100
  • ● Inspection & Testing: En12266-1,API 598
  • Shell test pressure :95 bar for DN6~DN50; 60bar for DN65~DN100
  • Shell Test Pressure: 95 Bar for DN6-DN50; 60 bar for DN65-DN00
  • Seal Pressure Test: 70 bar for DN6-~DN50; 44bar for DN65~DN100
  • Low Pressure Test : 6~8 bar
  • ● Pressure at max. Temperature44.5 bar for 1.4308 and pn63,50.2bar for 144.8 adn PN63; 28.2 bar for 1.4308 and PN40,31.8 bar for 1.4408 and PN40
  • ● Pressure at min. Temperature: 59.7 bar for 1.4308 and PN63, 61.2 BAR FOR 1.4408 and PN63; 37.9 bar for1.4308 and PN40,38.8 bar for 1.4408 and PN40
  • ● Corrosive Allowance : 2mm
  • ● Design & Manufacture : According to EN12516-1/-2,PED97/23/EC (CE0036)


These are the best priced ball valves due to the fact that the valve body is made out of one piece. The benefit of this is that there are no joints for leaking to occur making these The 1 piece ball valve's durable and reliable. The down side of the one piece design is that this makes it a standard port ball valve, also called a reduced port. This means the ID of the pipe drops one size, once the valve is installed in line. No tooling is needed for installation.


● Material components:


  • ● Valve Body is cast from Stainless Steel 316 (CF8/CF8M)
  • ● Seals & Seats are composed of Teflon (PTFE)
  • ● Compatible on all substances that are suitable for use with both Teflon and Stainless Steel 316
  • ● All wetted Parts are 316 Stainless Steel. The rest of the valve that doesn't touch the transported Material is composed of 304 Stainless Steel.



● General Dimensions:


  • ● The size of the ball valve required depends on the size of the thread. (1-1/2" Threads use 1-1/2" Ball Valves.)
  • ● The body of valve is manufactured out of one piece, this means that a smaller ball is installed into this valve than can be fitted into the 2-Piece or 3-Piece options. Since The 2 & 3 Piece can be opened up to recieve a larger ball.
  • ● The draw back is that this leads to a reduced port
  • ● While the advantage is the chance of leaking is reduced, since the body is one piece with no joints that could become leaking points!



● Pressure Chart:



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  • Design Data:

  • ● Casting: Investment Casting (AD2000-WO)
  • ● Dimention Standards: According to DIN299/259; ISO228-1; JIS B0203; ISO7/1
  • ● Threads: ASME B1.20.1 BS21 DIN299/259
  • ● Approvals: CE0035
  • ● Inspections and Testing: Acording to EN12266-1, AP1598 


Also called a two-way ball valve, since it allows flow straight through from both directions. The 2 piece ball valve is a full port valve, which means the ID of the pipe remains constant through out, once the valve is installed in line. These are the most widely used in all industries due to their low cost, ease of use and durability. No tooling is needed and they can thread directly onto the pipe.


● Material components:


  • ● The valve body is composed of Stainless Steel 316 (CF8/CF8M)
  • ● Seats & Seals are Teflon (PTFE) 
  • ● Non-wetted parts that do not touch the material being transported are Stainless Steel 304.  
  • ● Good for any substances that are compatible with Stainless Steel and Teflon (PTFE)



● General Dimensions:


  • ● The size of the pipe determines the size of the ball valve required. ( 2" Pipe will need a 2" ball valve etc)
  • ● These threaded ball valves require no tools to install. (The Female NPT of the valve will screw directly onto a Pipe with Male NPT )
  • ● We stock two styles of 2-piece ball valves:
  • -The Compact Style:  Ideal for tight spaces or where budget is a concern.
  • -The Heavy Duty Style:  Slightly larger and heavier and has a larger handle.


Compact Style (304 and 316)



- Heavy Duty Style (316)




● Pressure Chart:



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  • Design Data:

  • ●  Design & Manufacture According To: EN12516-1/-2,PED97/23/EC (CE0036)
  • ● Dimension standards To: DIN3202/4-M3,din2999/259 ,ISO228-1,ISO7-1,ASME B1.20.1,BS21
  • ● Casting According To: AD2000-WO
  • ● Valve Inspection & Testing According To: En12266-1,API 598;
  • - Shell test pressure : 95 bar for DN6~DN50;60bar for DN65~DN100
  • - Seal Pressure Test: 70 bar for DN6-~DN50; 44bar for DN65~DN100 
  • - Low Pressure Test : 6~8 bar
  • ● Suitable Mediums: Water, Oil and Gas (WOG)
  • ● Temperature Range: -14°F to 248°F (-10℃ ~ 120℃)
  • ● Pressure at max. Temperature:44.5 bar for 1.4308 and pn63,50.2bar for 144.8 adn PN63; 28.2 bar for 1.4308 and PN40,31.8 bar for 1.4408 and PN40
  • ● Pressure at min. Temperature: 59.7 bar for 1.4308 and PN63, 61.2 BAR FOR 1.4408 and PN63; 37.9 bar for1.4308 and PN40,38.8 bar for 1.4408 and PN40
  • ● Corrosive Allowance : 2mm
  • ● CE Approval for: DN32~DN100.


The destinctive feature of this valve is that it can be easily taken apart for cleaning. By loosening 4 bolts the body separates into three parts. This allows one to leave the ball valve threaded in its current application while just removing the ball valve portion. Widely used in the food and beverage industry and other applications where cleaning is required.


● Material components:


  • ● All parts of the valve that touch the medium being moved are Stainless steel (316) and Teflon (PTFE)
  • ● Compatible with any substance suitable to be used with Stainless Steel and PTFE



● General Dimensions:  


  • ● The body of this valve is divided into 3 segments held together by nuts, bolts and pipe nipples.
  • ● Two sections have threads and the center portion contains the ball valve.
  • ● The Center portion can be removed, leaving the other two ends still connect to the pipe for easy access without having to unscrew the whole ball valve.



● Pressure Chart:


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3 Way Ball Valves come in two styles depending on the flow pattern they produce namely the L-Port and the T-Port. The L-Port valve produces flow in a L-Shape and are used as Diverter Valves, diverting flow from one inlet to a choice of two outlets. They may also be used as Selector Valves, choosing between one of two inlets to flow to a given outlet. The T-Port produces flow in a T-Shape and are used as Mixing Valves blending flow from two inlets.


● Material components:


All the parts touching the product being transported, the wetted-parts, are manufactuerd form long lasting Stainless Steel 316. The Seals are made out of Telflon also called PTFE. This ensures that these robust 3-Way valves are both high temperature and chemical resistant as well as being corrosive resstant.

● General Dimensions:


Although these are made from four pieces, namely a valve body with three caps attached to each port end, the body is still made out of one piece. This means that they cannot accept a ball as large as the 2 Piece & 3 Piece can. This makes their ID (internal diameter) smaller than the full port, however they are not as reduced as the standard port or reduced port. The ID is wider than the one piece ball valve of equivalent size.




● Pressure Chart:


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2000 PSI Ball Valve:


  • Performance Specifications:

  • ● Nominal pressure: 2000 PSI
  • ● Suitable Temperature: -13°F to 302°F (-25°C to 150°C)
  • ● Shell Test: 20Mpa
  • ● Seat Test: 0.6~0.8Mpa


  • Design Data:

  • ● Design Standard: ASME B16.34
  • ● Nominal Diameter: DN8-DN50(1/4”~2”)
  • ● End Connections: DIN259/2999、ISO228/1&ISO7/1
  • ● Threads: ASME B1.20.1、BS21
  • ● Inspection & Testing: According to API 598, EN12266-1


Designed for high pressure applications, these valves have double the pressure rating than our standard offerings. The Valve Body is Heavier, longer and more robust than other 2-Piece ball valves. Although these valves are over-qualified, they can be used in everyday applications in place of the standard options.


● Material List Chart:


The Valve Body, Ball and Stem, all the parts which touch the product being transferred, are all manufactured from durable Stainless Steel 316 (CF8M). The Seal Seat is compsed of Teflon (PTFE) which makes this already Robust Valve corrosion resistant, as well as Heat & Chemical resistant.


● General Dimensions:


  • ● All wetted parts of the valve that touch the product being transferred are 316 Stainless steel and PTFE (Teflon).
  • ● Suitable to be used with any substance compatable  with Stainless Steel and Teflon (PTFE)


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