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Threaded Pipe Flanges

  • Stainless Steel Threaded Pipe Flange
  • Raised Face Flange x Female NPT Thread
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    Stainless Steel Pipe Flanges
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    Part NumberThreaded Pipe Flange
    MaterialStainless Steel 304
    Size1" to 3"
    Working PressureClass 150# Fittings
    GasketTo be sourced
    ThreadFemale NPT
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    FL125-SS 1-1/4" Threaded Flange
    FL150-SS 1-1/2" Threaded Flange
    FL200-SS 2" Threaded Flange
    FL300-SS 3" Threaded Flange

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    • Description:
    • A Stainless Steel Threaded Flange ANSI 150#, is circular disc with Female NPT threads in the center and cut outs for bolts.
    • Uses:
    • ● A pipe flange allows for easy connection and interchangeability between pipes and apparatus as they are designed to have standardized dimensions.
    • Most Commonly used to connect pipes, fittings, valves, pumps and other equipment without the need to weld.
    • Threaded Pipe Flanges are generally used on smaller thread sizes and smaller pipe diameters. (Usually 3" and below.)
    • Advantages:
    • ● Threaded Pipe Flanges are often used to connect pipes without welding. 
    • ● They function in a similar way to a socket weld flange or a slip-on flange, except they are machined with a internal tapered threads in the flange bore.
    • This results in an easy connection: simply screw the female NPT thread in the center of the flange onto a male NPT thread.
    • Installation:
    • ● It has standard cut outs to be bolted flush when marrying two flanges together to create a flange joint.
    • ● A gasket is placed on the raised surface between the mating flanges on the raised area on the flange face.
    • ● It comes with female NPT threads to attach to a male pipe fitting.
    • Size Classification:
    • ● These stainless steel pipe flanges are classified according to the size of the male thread they will connect with.
    • ● For Example: a 1-1/2" pipe flange will thread onto a 1-1/2" external male pipe thread.
    • Types of Threaded Flanges:
    • Raised Faced Flange (RF): It has a raised surface where the gasket is placed. This is the most popular type of flange face used. Can be used in more applications than the flat faced version.
    • Flat face Flange (FF): The whole surface area is flat. Therefore the gasket used with the Flat Face flange has complete contact with the whole surface area where two flange faces join. Typically used in low pressure and low temperature applications.
    • Also Known As:
    • ● Screwed Flange.
    • ● NPT Flange.
    • Pressure:
    • Threaded SS Flange Fittings are rated for 150 PSI.
    • Materials:
    • ● Our SS Pipe Flanges are manufactured using 304 Stainless Steel.


    More information:

    Threaded pipe flanges are threaded fittings widely used in piping systems, providing a secure method of connecting pipes, fittings, and other equipment without the need for welding. These metal flanges feature internal threads that allow for the connection to Male Threaded ends. The Threads are tapered which allows the threaded flange to be tightened onto a male thread forming a seal that won’t leak. These threads are the reason they are also known as a Screwed Flange, since they thread or screw onto a pipe or fitting. Commonly used in low-pressure applications, threaded flange pipe fittings are available in stainless steel 304, making them suitable for a wide range of industries and environments. The bolting circle allows for a secure connection and easy assembly and disassembly without the need for welding. Despite their advantages, it's essential to note that threaded SS Flange Fittings may not be suitable for high-pressure or high-temperature applications, as welding or other methods are often preferred in those cases for enhanced strength and reliability.



    More Information
    Part NumberThreaded Pipe Flange
    MaterialStainless Steel 304
    Size1" to 3"
    Working PressureClass 150# Fittings
    GasketTo be sourced
    ThreadFemale NPT
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