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Tri-Clamp Gasket

  • Tri-Clamp Gasket
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    Tri-Clamp Fitings_Tri-Clamp Gasket
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    MaterialSilicone, EDPM, Viton, PTFE
    Size1/2" up to 6"
    Grouped product items
    Product Name SizePrice Qty
    TC075-Gasket 3/4" Tri-Clamp Gasket (Silicone)
    TC150-Gasket 1.5" Tri-Clamp Gasket (Silicone)
    TC150-G-EPDM 1.5" Tri-Clover Gasket (EPDM)

    1.5" Tri-Clamp Gasket   (PTFE)


    1.5" Tri-Clamp Gasket        (Viton)

    TC200-Gasket 2" Tri-Clamp Gasket (Silicone)
    TC250-Gasket 2 ½” Tri-Clamp Gasket (Silicone)
    TC300-Gasket 3" Tri-Clamp Gasket (Silicone)
    TC400-Gasket 4" Tri-Clamp Gasket (Silicone)
    TC600-Gasket 6" Tri-Clamp Gasket (Silicone)
    • Uses:
    • ● The Tri-Clover Gasket is used to seal the connection in between two tri-clamp flange ends that are joined by a clamp.
    • ● It creates a leak proof seal in between a tri-clamp connection.
    • Materials:
    • ● Most Tri-Clover Gaskets used in the food & Beverage market are usually made out of silicone.
    • ● Silicone is optimal for most applications with wide temperature operating ranges while maintaining flexibility.
    • They are economical and offer very low leaching characteristics. (very low extractables)
    • Made out of food grade materials.
    • Other Options:
    • We also offer EPDM, Viton and Teflon (PTFE) in the 1.5" size
    • Other sizes and materials available for special order.
    • Sizing:
    • ● A 1/2" and 3/4" Tri-Clamp gasket are a simalar size and so are the 1" and a 1.5".
    • ● For information on determining the size of a Tri-Clamp fitting, Click Here and scroll down.





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    More Information
    MaterialSilicone, EDPM, Viton, PTFE
    Size1/2" up to 6"
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