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Close Nipple

  • Stainless Steel Close Pipe Nipple
  • Male Thread x Male Thread
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    Close Nipples
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    Part NumberClose Pipe Nipple
    MaterialStainless Steel
    Size1/4" to 3"
    Working PressureClass 150# Fittings
    ThreadMale NPT x Male NPT
    Grouped product items
    Product Name SizePrice Qty
    NP025-CL-304 1/4” Close Nipple (SS 304)
    NP025-CL-SS 1/4” Close Nipple (SS 316)
    NP0375-CL-304 3/8” Close Nipple (SS 304)
    NP0375-CL-SS 3/8” Close Nipple (SS 316)
    NP050-CL-304 1/2” Close Nipple (SS 304)
    NP050-CL-SS 1/2” Close Nipple (SS 316)
    NP075-CL-304 3/4” Close Nipple (SS 304)
    NP075-CL-SS 3/4” Close Nipple (SS 316)
    NP100-CL-304 1” Close Nipple (SS 304)
    NP100-CL-SS 1” Close Nipple (SS 316)
    NP125-CL-304 1-1/4” Close Nipple (SS 304)
    NP125-CL-SS 1-1/4” Close Nipple (SS 316)
    NP150-CL-304 1-1/2” Close Nipple (SS 304)
    NP150-CL-SS 1-1/2” Close Nipple (SS 316)
    NP200-CL-304 2” Close Nipple (SS 304)
    NP200-CL-SS 2” Close Nipple (SS 316)
    NP300-CL-SS 3” Close Nipple (SS 316)

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    • Description:
    • A Close Nipple is a short pipe length fully threaded with male pipe thread on either end. 
    • There is no un-threaded area, its an all threaded nipple fitting.
    • Its is the shortest length that a nipple can be made.
    • Uses:
    • ● They are used to join a two female pipe threads.
    • Close nipples are often used to connect two female threaded pipes or female threaded fittings.
    • Advantages:
    • ● A stainless steel close nipple is a fitting commonly used in plumbing and piping, where space is limited.
    • ● Since the nipple is short, the two connecting components will be very close toghether.
    • ● This makes them ideal for situations that require minumal protrusion and very litte exposed pipe showing.
    • Installation:
    • ● Thread one or both of the male NPT threads into a female NPT threaded end.
    • Thread the nipple into the first fitting by hand and then thread into the second fitting. (Include teflon pipe thread tape.)
    • Then tighten the fittings using the approprate type of wrench.
    • Size Classification:
    • ● Threaded close nipple are classified according to the size of the female pipe thread they will connect with.
    • ● For Example: a 1/2" close nipple will connect to a 1/2" female NPT thread.
    • Also Known as a:
    • ● Close Pipe Nipple.
    • ● Running Thread Nipple.
    • Alternate Options:
    • An alternative are Hex Nipples which have a hex in-between the two male threads.
    • Another alternative are Pipe Nipples which have a section of unthreaded pipe in-between the two male threads.
    • ● Scroll down "Related Products" for more threaded pipe nipple fitting options.
    • Materials:
    • ● Constructed in both Stainless Steel 304 & 316.


    More information:

    Close nipples are the short pipe lengths with male threads on either end, and are used to join two female-threaded fittings or components very close together. These threaded nipples are widely used in plumbing, pipe systems and industrial applications where space is tight or where a very short connection is required. The two connected fittings will be very close together, almost touching, with very little of the nipple exposed or showing. Pipe close nipples are available in stainless steel 304 & 316, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance making them suitable for a wide range of applications. This close nipple pipe fitting is often used where space is limited in confined areas where standard-length pipe nipples would be too long for connecting fittings, pipes and different components. These all thread nipples connect parts with minimal protrusion.



    More Information
    Part NumberClose Pipe Nipple
    MaterialStainless Steel
    Size1/4" to 3"
    Working PressureClass 150# Fittings
    ThreadMale NPT x Male NPT
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