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Pipe Tee

  • Stainless Steel Tee
  • Female Thread x Female Thread x Female Thread
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    Pipe Tee Fitting
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    Part NumberPipe Tee Fittings
    MaterialStainless Steel 304
    Size1/4" to 2"
    Working PressureClass 150# Fittings
    ThreadFemale NPT x Female NPT x Female NPT
    Grouped product items
    Product Name SizePrice Qty
    T025-304 1/4" Tee (SS 304)
    T025-SS 1/4" Tee (SS 316)
    T0375-304 3/8" Tee (SS 304)
    T0375-SS 3/8" Tee (SS 316)
    T050-304 1/2" Tee (SS 304)
    T050-SS 1/2" Tee (SS 316)
    T075-304 3/4" Tee (SS 304)
    T075-SS 3/4" Tee (SS 316)
    T100-304 1" Tee (SS 304)
    T100-SS 1" Tee (SS 316)
    T125-304 1-1/4" Tee (SS 304)
    T125-SS 1-1/4" Tee (SS 316)
    T150-304 1-1/2" Tee (SS 304)
    T150-SS 1-1/2" Tee (SS 316)
    T200-304 2" Tee (SS 304)
    T200-SS 2" Tee (SS 316)

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    • Description:
    • ● A Threaded Pipe Tee is a pipe fitting in the shape of a "T" with female threads on each of the three ends.
    • ● The Pipe T Fitting has two ports inline and one port at 90 degrees to the main line.
    • Uses:
    • ● A Pipe Tee Fitting is used to combine, or divide the flow of fluid.
    • ● It is a convenient way to split a single pipe into two, or to combine two pipes into one.
    • ● Used to connect three pipes at right angles to each other.
    • Used to changed the pipe direction.
    • Advantages:
    • T Fittings facilitate a single inlet to be divided into two oulets,
    • Or they enable two inlets to combine into a single outlet.
    • Can be used to add an outlet or inlet perpendicular to the main line.
    • Installation:
    • ● Thread the female NPT threads onto the corresponding male NPT threads.
    • Size Classification:
    • ● A threaded tee fitting is classified according to the size of the pipe thread they will connect with.
    • ● For Example: a 1/2" pipe tee will connect to a 1/2" male NPT thread.
    • Also Known as a:
    • Fitting T.
    • Threaded Tee.
    • ● Tee Pipe Fitting.
    • ● Tee Plumbing Fitting.
    • Alternate Options:
    • An alternative are Pipe Elbows which have female threads on either side of the elbow.
    • Another alternative are Street Elbows which have male threads x female threads on either side of the elbow.
    • Yet another alternative are 45 Degree Elbow which have an angle of 45° which is half a right angle.
    • ● Scroll down "Related Products" for more threaded angled pipe fitting options.
    • Materials:
    • These Threaded Tee Fittings are manufactured from Stainless Steel 304 & 316.


    More information:

    A pipe tee fitting is widely used in plumbing and piping systems, where it is often used to connect three pipes at a right angles to one another. These threaded fittings are essentially a T-Shaped pipe with female (external) threads on all three ends. This T pipe fitting features one inlet and two outlets, all with female threads, allowing it to join fittings or pipes together in a branching type configuration. They are often used to create branch lines in HVAC systems, water distribution systems, as well as in industrial piping systems. In water distribution applications they are often referred to as a t fitting for water line and in plumbing they are often called a tee plumbing or a plumbers tee. The T-Shape allows each branch to receive an equal share of process material being transferred in the piping system thereby allowing the even distribution of flow in all three directions. Their NPT tapered thread enables a leak-proof connection, making them ideal for a wide range of applications including residential, commercial and industrial plumbing. This stainless steel Tee is manufactured out of stainless steel 304 & 316 providing corrosion resistance and longevity.



    More Information
    Part NumberPipe Tee Fittings
    MaterialStainless Steel 304
    Size1/4" to 2"
    Working PressureClass 150# Fittings
    ThreadFemale NPT x Female NPT x Female NPT
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