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Pipe Union

  • Stainless Steel Threaded Unions
  • Female Thread x Hex Nut x Female Thread
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    Stainless Steel Threaded Pipe Unions
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    Part NumberPipe Union Fittings
    MaterialStainless Steel
    Size1/4" to 3"
    Working PressureClass 150# Fittings
    ThreadFemale NPT x Female NPT
    Grouped product items
    Product Name SizePrice Qty
    U025-304 1/4" Threaded Union (SS 304)
    U025-SS 1/4" Threaded Union (SS 316)
    U0375-304 3/8" Threaded Union (SS 304)
    U0375-SS 3/8" Threaded Union (SS 316)
    U050-304 1/2" Threaded Union (SS 304)
    U050-SS 1/2" Threaded Union (SS 316)
    U075-304 3/4" Threaded Union (SS 304)
    U075-SS 3/4" Threaded Union (SS 316)
    U100-304 1" Threaded Union (SS 304)
    U100-SS 1" Threaded Union (SS 316)
    U125-304 1-1/4" Threaded Union (SS 304)
    U125-SS 1-1/4" Threaded Union (SS 316)
    U150-304 1-1/2" Threaded Union (SS 304)
    U150-SS 1-1/2" Threaded Union (SS 316)
    U200-304 2" Threaded Union (SS 304)
    U200-SS 2" Threaded Union (SS 316)
    U300-304 3" Threaded Union (SS 304)
    U300-SS 3" Threaded Union (SS 316)

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    • Description:
    • A Pipe Union is a threaded fitting that consist of a Female Thread x Female Thread with a tightening nut in the center.
    • Consists of three parts:
    • 1) One female threaded end x collar. (To connect to cental nut.)
    • 2) One female threaded end x male thread. (To connect to cental nut.)
    • 3) Joined by a nut in the center for tightening.
    • Uses:
    • ● Stainless Steel Threaded Pipe Unions provide an easy way to connect two pipes without having to turn the pipes.
    • Since they are made from three parts they have extra functionality compared to that of a regular coupling.
    • ● This makes them very convenient to connect two Male NPT ends when turning each part is limited.
    • Advantages:
    • The primary function of a threaded union is that it is designed to be disassembled, whereas a regular pipe coupling is not.
    • ● Stainless Steel Unions allow for pipes, fittings and equipment to be easily installed and disassembled.
    • Useful when a fitting or component needs to be removed for repair or replacement,
    • And also when a removal or addition is made in the center of a configuration and its not possible to unscrew the pipe or fittings.
    • Installation:
    • ● Thread both ends of the pipe union fitting on to the pipe or fittings you want to connect.
    • Then use the center nut to join the two ends together, which will in turn connect the pipes or fittings.
    • Size Classification:
    • ● A threaded union fitting is classified according to the size of the male pipe thread they will connect with.
    • ● For Example: a 1/2" union will connect to a 1/2" male NPT thread.
    • Also Known as a:
    • ● Union Coupling.
    • ● Threaded Pipe Union.
    • ● Plumbing Union Fitting
    • Alternate Options:
    • ●  An Alternative are Pipe Couplings with smooth piping between the female threads.
    • ● Another alternative are Bell Reducers which are pipe couplers with reduced threads on one end.
    • ● Scroll down "Related Products" for more female threaded pipe coupler options.
    • Materials:
    • ● Manufactured in Stainless Steel 304 & 316.


    More Information:

    Threaded pipe union fittings are widely used in piping systems and in plumbing, providing a convenient way of connecting and disconnecting two pipes or fittings. This union coupling consists of three main parts: one female threaded end with a collar, one female threaded end with a male thread facing the center, and a central nut that joins them together. The female threaded ends connect to the corresponding male threaded pipes or components, while the central nut enables the connection by compressing the threads together, forming a tight and leak-proof connection. Threaded pipe union coupling fittings are made from durable stainless steel 304 & 316 ensuring resistance to corrosion as well as longevity. They are designed to enable easy disassembly and reassembly of pipes, fittings or components without the need for cutting or soldering, making them ideal fittings to include in industrial systems that require maintenance or repair. They also provide the added benefit of being able to add to remove pipes, fittings and equipment with out having to rotate or turn the pipes or fittings during installation and removal process.



    More Information
    Part NumberPipe Union Fittings
    MaterialStainless Steel
    Size1/4" to 3"
    Working PressureClass 150# Fittings
    ThreadFemale NPT x Female NPT
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