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Threaded Caps

  • Stainless Steel Threaded Pipe Caps
  • Pipe End Cap x Female Thread
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    Threaded Caps
    More Information
    Part NumberPipe End Cap
    MaterialStainless Steel 304
    Size1/4" to 2"
    Working PressureClass 150# Fittings
    SealCap End
    ThreadFemale NPT
    Grouped product items
    Product Name SizePrice Qty
    CAP025-304 1/4" Threaded Cap
    CAP025-316 1/4" Threaded Cap
    CAP0375-304 3/8" Threaded Cap
    CAP0375-316 3/8" Threaded Cap
    CAP050-304 1/2" Threaded Cap
    CAP050-316 1/2" Threaded Cap
    CAP075-304 3/4" Threaded Cap
    CAP075-316 3/4" Threaded Cap
    CAP100-304 1" Threaded Cap
    CAP100-316 1" Threaded Cap
    CAP125-304 1-1/4" Threaded Cap
    CAP125-316 1-1/4" Threaded Cap
    CAP150-304 1-1/2" Threaded Cap
    CAP150-316 1-1/2" Threaded Cap
    CAP200-304 2" Threaded Cap
    CAP200-316 2" Threaded Cap

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    • Description:
    • ● A Threaded Pipe Cap is a pipe fitting with female threads on the inside of a sealed off cap end.
    • ● It differs from a Threaded Plug in that it has a internal threads that screw over the pipe threads it caps.
    • Uses:
    • ● Threaded Cap Fittings are used for sealing a pipe or any other male threaded end connection.
    • End caps for pipe are often used as a easy and effective way to seal a pipe end to prevent leaking.
    • A threaded end cap protects Male NPT Threaded Ends.
    • Used to water proof pipe ends and stop the flow of fluid.
    • Advantages:
    • ● The biggest advantage of a threaded cap is can screw directly onto a pipe end.
    • It provides a leak-proof seal and is easy to install and to remove.
    • Installation:
    • ● Thread the internal female NPT threads over a male NPT thread, to close off and seal a pipe or fitting.
    • Size Classification:
    • ● These threaded caps are classified according to the size of the male thread they will seal.
    • ● For Example: a 1-1/2" pipe cap will seal a 1-1/2" external male pipe thread.
    • Also Known as a:
    • Metal Pipe Cap.
    • Pipe thread Cap.
    • NPT Cap.
    • Alternate Options:
    • An alternative are Threaded Hex Plugs which are male threaded pipe plugs for closing off female NPT threaded pipe ends.
    • Another alternative are Square head Plugs which are male threaded pipe plugs for sealing female NPT threaded ends.
    • ● Scroll down "Related Products" for more male threaded plug options.
    • Materials:
    • ● These Threaded Caps for Pipe are manufactured out of Stainless Steel 304 & 316.


    More Information:

    Metal pipe caps are used in plumbing and industrial systems, widely used as the first choice solution for sealing the end of threaded pipes. Manufactured out of durable stainless steel 304 & 316 these caps have internal (female) threads for quick and easy installation and removal, ensuring a tight fit over the pipe's male threaded end. The threaded design allows for a tight seal, preventing leaks and protecting the integrity of male threaded end connects as well as pipe ends. Stainless steel caps are used in a variety of applications, providing a simple yet effective means of closing off pipes or protecting them from dirt, debris and contaminants. They are also used to protect male threaded end connections either in an application or during shipping and handling. Whether they used in residential plumbing projects or industrial applications, stainless steel end caps add to the overall efficiency and reliability of threaded pipe connections by protecting their structure. With their robust construction and threaded functionality, stainless steel pipe caps offer a practical and durable solution for maintaining the integrity of pipes and threaded fittings in diverse settings.



    More Information
    Part NumberPipe End Cap
    MaterialStainless Steel 304
    Size1/4" to 2"
    Working PressureClass 150# Fittings
    SealCap End
    ThreadFemale NPT
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