Quick Clean Tri-Clamp Ball Valve

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Tri-Clamp Ball Valve, Quick Clean
  • The easiest ball valve to take apart and clean!
  • Quick Clean Tri-Clover Ball Valve also called an EZ Clean Ball Valve.
  • Can be taken apart quickly for easy Cleaning by simply removing the Tri-Clamp in Valve body.
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BV075-EZ 3/4" Tri-Clamp Ball Valve, Quick Clean
BV150/075-EZ 1.5" Tri-Clamp by 3/4" Ball Valve, Quick Clean
BV150/100-EZ 1" Tri-Clamp Ball Valve, Quick Clean
BV150-EZ 1.5" Tri-Clamp Ball Valve, Quick Clean
  • This unique product was popularized by the Home Brew community and remains one of the most useful of homebrew fittings.
  • It will make your Brewing much Easier. Cleaning a 3 piece ball valve requires time and effort to dissasemble, clean and re-assemble. Whereas a Quick Clean (EZ Clean) disassembles in less than 30 seconds allowing for a quick and easy clean.


  • A Quick Clean Tri-Clamp Ball Valve functions just like our regular 2-piece tri-clamp economy ball valve. Where they differ is their disassembly process. Since they are clamped together, instead of being threaded together, they are quick and easy to take apart. To disassemble a quick clean or EZ Clean Ball Valve, all you have to do is loosen and remove the tri-clamp holding the valve body together. After doing so, the valve body can easily be separated for a thorough cleaning.


  • The 1/4 turn from the "ON" to "OFF" position allows for the precise control of flow rates. (More Suitable than Butterfly Valves for regulating flow rates). Our Tri-Clover Quick Clean Ball Valves are made using long lasting stainless steel 304 and come with TC connections on both ends. Many users prefer them to 3 piece ball valves because of their simplicity. Often used on the outlet side of Pumps. Also known as an (Easy Clean) EZ Clean Tri Clamp Ball Valve.


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