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Topsflo TD5 DC Brewing Pump

  • The new Topsflo TD5 DC brewing pump comes with all the power you've come to expect for your liquid transfer needs with safe low voltage DC power and whisper quiet operation.
  • It's small enough and light enough to be directly mounted to kettle drains but it also comes with a molded rubber mounting bracket if you want to attach it to your brew stand.
  • It also includes the 120v AC to 24v DC adapter so it's ready to go out of the box after you add your favorite hose connections.
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    Silent Brew 2


    • - Food grade stainless steel, (FDA Stainless)
    • - Max flow rate up to 7GPM
    • - Max Head 19FT
    • - Sustain continuous hot water circulation of 110ºC(230F)
    • - Material is high temperature 150ºC resistant, Material is flame resistant 
    • - High efficiency ECM brushless DC motor with extended lifetime 20,000hours
    • - Sustained continuous 24 hours work cycle
    • - No Leaks ever-Advanced magnetic driven technology with Static seal
    • - Polarity Protection, High Current Protection, Over-voltage protection
    • - Good heat dissipation, less temperature increase, Safer in small spaces!
    • - Easy to clean
    • - Low or no maintenance


    • What is the advantage of the TOPSFLO TD5 pump compared with other beer pumps on the market?  
    • - Firstly the TOPSFLO is a brushless DC centrifugal pump, Other pumps on the market are AC pumps. There is essentially a big difference. Being a DC brushless motor, it takes advantage of the most advanced magnetic field technologies, characterized by :
    • - long life,
    • - low power consumption,
    • - safe and efficient,
    • - intelligent through the chip control,
    • - can customize FG and 5V, PWM speed control,
    • - all of which makes the DC brushless motor the latest trend in the development of beer pumps.
    • - AC pumps have no chip, and cannot be intelligently controlled since there is no electronic component. The Topsflo Beer Pump has high voltage protection, high current protection, blocked protection and polarity protection which AC pumps do not have!
    • - The TOPSFLO pump is 9cm long, While Competing pumps are around 20cm long
    • - The TOPSFLO pump’s weight is 1.91bs (0.86kgs), while competing pumps are around 6lbs (2.7kgs)
    • - The TOPSFLO pump noise level is 42.4db, other pumps are 56.7db


    • Passing all the standards to ensure it can be used in a long term beer brewing system, which include:
    • - Being manufactured from FDA certified 304 stainless steel
    • - The Stainless Head and bearings have passed a 72 hour salt spray test without any indication of a propensity to rust.
    • Being tested at low and high temperatures ranging from -40 F to 248 F
    • - And for the pump to be able to endure 8.8 lbs (4kgs) of system pressure ( the Topsflo can endure 55 lbs or 25 kgs and still will not crack)


    • Most competing pump’s rotors are actually coated with sintered ferrite which can degrade over time, although it is designed not come into contact with the beer. However, the Topsflo’s uses a FDA Approved integral injection magnet imported from Japan and graphite Rotors. Graphite is FDA Approves and has a long life The O-ring is EPDM with WRAS and is NSF certified.




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