8" Male Cam x 8" Female NPT
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Part NumberA800-AL
Working Pressure50 PSI
Thread8" Female NPT

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  • What it connects to:

  • ● The Camlock portion will connect to a 8" Female Cam.
  • ● The Threaded portion will thread onto a 8" Male NPT Thread.


  • How the Adapter Works:

  • ● To connect, slide the 8" Male Cam portion into a 8" Female Cam Coupler and then close the Cam arms.
  • ● To disconnect, open the Cam Handles and remove Adapter.


  • Description:
  • ● 8" Aluminum Cam and Groove Type A Adapter x 8" Female NPT Thread.
  • Uses:
  • The 8" Type A Male Camlock Quick Connect has 8" Female NPT Threads and enables you to convert 8" Male NPT Threaded Pipe ends into a 8" Male Adapter.
  • Compatibility:
  •  8" Female NPT Thread can connect to any 8" NPT Male Pipe Threads.
  • 8 inch Type A Male Cam Lock portion can connect to a 8 inch Female Coupler of the PTK Style.
  • Installation:
  • ● Thread the Female NPT Thread portion of the Camlock Pipe Fitting onto your existing 8" Male NPT Threaded end.
  • ● Then connect the Type A Adapter to a 8" Female Cam and Groove Fitting and close all 4 of the cam handles.
  • ● Open all 4 of the cam levers and remove the adapter for a quick disconnect.
  • Also Known as a:
  • Type A Aluminum 8" Male Camlock Adapter x 8" Female NPT Thread.
  • ● 8" Type A Aluminum Camlock Hose Connectors.
  • ● 8" Type A Male Cam Fittings.
  • Style:
  • ● 8" PTK Style - Compatible with PT Coupling and with Kuriyama.
  • Not Compatible with the larger Neco 8" Style.
  • Applications:
  • ● Buna-Nitrile Rubber Gasket suitable for Fuel Service or Industrial and Commercial Flow Systems.
  • For example in petroleum applications, water treatment & water transport, and in waste management systems.
  • The 8" Cams are often used for water hose and discharge hose enabling quick connections.
  • Materials:
  • Made out of Aluminum.
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  • Compatibility for 8" Camlocks

  • Since the Mil-Spec standard only applies to sizes from 3/4" up to 4" as well as the 6", there is no standard for the 8" Cam & Groove. As a result there are two styles that are not interchangeable with each other:
  • PTK Style - Compatible with Kuriyama and PT Coupling
  • ● Neco Style - Compatible with Dixon (Andrews), Ever-Tite and NECO.
  • The difference between the PTK and NECO versions:

  • The PTK version has a smaller OD.
  • - If the OD of the Male Adapter Portion is less than 9" OD, then it is the PTK Style.
  • - If the OD of the Male Adapter is just over 9" OD, then you have the NECO Style.






More Information
Part NumberA800-AL
Working Pressure50 PSI
Thread8" Female NPT
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