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Type E - Brass Camlocks

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Brass Camlock Fittings - Type E
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Part NumberBrass Type E Male Adaper
Size3/4" to 4"
ThreadHose Barb
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Product Name SizePrice Qty
E075-BR Brass 3/4" Female Cam x 3/4" Hose Shank
E100-BR Brass 1" Female Cam x 1" Hose Shank
E125-BR Brass 1-1/4" Female Cam x 1-1/4" Hose Shank
E150-BR Brass 1-1/2" Female Cam x 1-1/2" Hose Shank
E200-BR Brass 2" Female Cam x 2" Hose Shank
E250-BR Brass 2-1/2" Female Cam x 2-1/2" Hose Shank
E300-BR Brass 3" Female Cam x 3" Hose Shank
E400-BR Brass 4" Female Cam x 4" Hose Shank

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Typically, Type E adapters are used with Type C couplers, although, they can be used with a Type B coupler, Ttpe D coupler or a DC (Dust Cap) of same size.


  • Description:
  • The Brass Type E Male Adapter is a Male Cam and Groove x Hose Shank.
  • Uses:
  • Used to install a Male Adapter into a Hose.
  • Used to connect with a Female Coupler of the same size.
  • What it connects to:
  • The adapter portion will connect to a Female Coupler.
  • The hose barb portion will connect to a Hose.
  • Installation:
  • Insert the Hose Shank portion of the fitting into a Hose and fasten with a crimp collar or with hose clamps.
  • Then insert the Type E Adapter into a Female Cam Coupler and close the two cam lever arms.
  • For a quick disconnect, open the handles and remove the adapter .
  • Also Known as:
  • ● Brass Type E Male Cam & Groove Hose Fittings or Connectors.
  • Sizes:
  • The Brass Type E Coupling is offered in various sizes from 3/4" up to 4".
  • Material:
  • Made out of Brass.
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Brass Type E Adaptor Dimensions



More Information
Part NumberBrass Type E Male Adaper
Size3/4" to 4"
ThreadHose Barb
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