Heavy Style - 2 Piece Ball Valves

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Stainless Steel 2-Piece Ball Valve

These Standard Two Piece Ball Valves are are the most popular Stainless Ball Valves. They are slightly heavier and have larger handles making them more similar to Apollo Valves and Nibco Ball Valves.

• 1000 PSI (WOG) 
• Full Port 
• Stainless Steel 316 
• PTFE Seats & Seals

Grouped product items
Product Name Size Price Qty
BV025-SS-2 1/4" 2-Piece Ball Valve
BV0375-SS-2 3/8” 2-Piece Ball Valve
BV050-SS-2 1/2” 2-Piece Ball Valve
BV075-SS-2 3/4” 2-Piece Ball Valve
BV100-SS-2 1” 2-Piece Ball Valve
BV125-SS-2 1-1/4” 2-Piece Ball Valve
BV150-SS-2 1-1/2" 2-Piece Ball Valve
BV200-SS-2 2” 2-Piece Ball Valve
BV250-SS-2 2 1/2" 2-Piece Ball Valve
BV300-SS-2 3” 2-Piece Ball Valve
BV400-SS-2 4” 2-Piece Ball Valve

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The 2 Piece SS Ball Valve is used wherever flow is controlled and is the most popular ball valve, also referred to as a 2 Stainless Steel Ball Valve.

Stainless Two Piece Ball Valve Material Components

The 2 piece valve body is manufactured out of Stainless Steel 316 (CF8/CF8M) and the seats and seals are Teflon (PTFE). 

Two Piece Ball Valve General Dimentions

The dimentions below are for the 2 piece ball valve, heavy style.

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